Digital Exhibit Stickers


Effortlessly mark PDF exhibits with fully customizable, professional, digital PDF exhibit stickers on PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat Standard, Professional (v.9 to current), or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

$49.99 Per Lifetime* Computer License

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Mark exhibits live during Zoom remote depositions in under 5 seconds!
There is no less expensive solution in the market to fully customize 2 to 3 line exhibit stickers in Acrobat.

ABOUT US was developed by a full-time trial attorney as an affordable, customizable, and professional solution for adding PDF stickers to existing PDF documents.  The developer was frustrated with overpriced, branded solutions in the market and wanted something easy to use that could be purchased and used by every staff member and attorney in the office.  With Zoom and other remote depositions now necessitated by COVID-19, it has never been more important for court reporters, attorneys, and their staff to be able to easily and inexpensively mark PDF exhibits electronically for court filings and in preparation for and during depositions.  Though the product was not developed with remote depositions in mind, it is now recognized as the least expensive solution to mark electronic exhibits before, during, and after remote depositions.


To use the exhibit stickers, simply select the stamp icon from the commenting tools, select the desired PDF exhibit stamp color and format, place the sticker on the document, and follow the prompts to customize the sticker.

Once you have finalized the content of the sticker, just like a paper sticker, it can only be moved and/or deleted but the content cannot be changed. Being able to move the sticker, if needed, allows readers to review text under the sticker and inspect parts of photographs obscured by the sticker.



Quickly mark an exhibit with the last sticker you chose by just typing the letter "k" on your keyboard.

For this to work, however, you will need to first change an option in preferences. In Acrobat, go to Edit / Preferences / General (Category on the left) and then check the first box at the top of the page that says "Use single-key accelerators to access tools."

To apply similar exhibit stickers to several documents, such as during or in preparation for a Zoom remote deposition, do the following:

  1. Choose one of the first two sticker options in any color.  Note: The third sticker will not work for this.

  2. Fill out the first sticker as usual and leave the document open. Acrobat will remember everything you just typed as long as you do not close it.

  3. Open or switch to the next document you wish to stamp.

  4. Type the letter "k" on your keyboard to automatically bring up the last sticker you used.  Note: See the tip above to set up single-key accelerators if the last sticker you used does not appear.

  5. Move the sticker where desired and left click to apply.

  6. In the popup screens that follow, type the Escape key on your keyboard for the prompts you want left unchanged since the last sticker (e.g., Sticker Label and Subtitle).  Ignore the fact that the default Sticker Label will say EXHIBIT and the default Subtitle will be blank. Acrobat will use whatever you typed in previously as long as you type the Escape key rather than OK.

  7. Only change the Sticker ID to new exhibit number, and type the Enter key.

Practice before your live deposition, and, in under five seconds, you can apply a sticker in sequence.  Here is your quick reference for speed marking with three line stickers:

  1. k

  2. Click

  3. Escape

  4. Escape

  5. #

  6. Enter


Similar software sells for up to $189.95.


Our premium sticker package costs a fraction at only $49.99. This makes us the least expensive product in the market to digitally mark exhibits with anything between one and three lines of customized text.


Competitors use their customers for advertising by branding all digital stickers with the sticker company's name. We believe this detracts from the professionalism of court filings and trial exhibits. 


Our premium digital exhibit stickers contain no unprofessional branding.


Other solutions require you to separately purchase different sticker colors.


Our premium digital exhibit sticker package automatically includes all of the most commonly used colors: Transparent, White, Blue, and Yellow.

Need more colors?  Download our FREE colored backgrounds for use with our transparent stamps, which provides 24 different stamp colors!  Download here:


Download one of the following example PDFs which contain various stamps. Demo 2



If you wish to prevent movement and deletion of the sticker, you can always print the "Document and Stamps" to PDF to to lock it in.  Otherwise, you can "flatten" the PDF using an Action or Custom Command.  Flattening may also be necessary for the stamped exhibits to display properly in trial presentation software such as TrialPad.  If you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you can download a FREE Custom Command to flatten an open PDF as well as a FREE Action to batch flatten many PDFs here.  Instructions for installation and use are provided in the download.


Pre-mark exhibits with a blank exhibit number field before printing. After you create the first blank exhibit sticker, click it and copy it with Ctrl+c. As long as you keep that document open, you can paste that exact sticker on all the rest of your exhibits with Ctrl+v without filling out the pop-up form.


For a confidential exhibit, you can either replace the default EXHIBIT label with CONFIDENTIAL EXHIBIT or, you can apply a separate sticker with a blank Sticker Label and Subtitle and enter CONFIDENTIAL in the Sticker ID dialog box.