Is the software compatible with macOS?

Unfortunately, no. Our installation program is only designed for Windows 7 or later. If you have purchased the software and only have a MAC, please email us to request a refund.

Will I have to relicense the product each year?


Do you offer a free demo?

Not exactly. We do offer the following demonstration video and the two sample PDFs below.

LegalExhibitStickers.com Demo.pdf
LegalExhibitStickers.com Demo 2.pdf

Why are the exhibit stickers not visible on the printouts?

In your print dialog box, you have inadvertently changed the Comments & Forms dropdown selection from "Document and Markups" to "Document." Change it back to the default "Document and Markups," and the exhibit stickers will reappear in the printouts. For confirmation, you will now note that the stickers reappear in the print preview image as shown below.

Do you offer a four line exhibit sticker?

No. However, because each of the three rows is completely customizable, you can essentially achieve the same result by customizing the exhibit text as shown to the right.

Do I have to retype the content for each exhibit sticker?

No. A series of similar exhibits can be marked with identical headers and footers but unique exhibit numbers. See the speed Pro Tips for Speed Marking section of the homepage.

Must the top of the exhibit sticker state "EXHIBIT"?

No. Each of the three text rows is entirely customizable.

What is the difference between the three sticker options?

Adobe Acrobat Reader supports both the first and second stamp for each color, enabling users to customize two to three lines in the sticker stamp. However, Adobe Acrobat Standard and Professional users can additionally utilize the third stamp in each color, which will look identical to the second stamp, but merely allows all sticker information to be filled out in a single dialog box, which may be desirable for applying a single stamp. Acrobat, however, will not remember the text entered in the "3 Line (All-in-One)" stamp fields, so, for larger projects, users will want to use the first two sticker options to avoid retyping information for many similarly-labeled exhibits.